A timeless cult classic and HoneyBee favourite: the adidas Gazelle

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Originally launched onto the fashion scene in 1968 , the adidas Gazelle trainer has become a cult classic. Adidas is a hugely popular brand with HoneyBee customers and the team here are equally fanatic about their timeless sportswear fashion, particularly the Gazelle trainer.


It was the trainer that made Adidas and its three-striped contrast design famous and was also one of the first trainers to be made out of suede. This made it a much lighter and comfortable option to standard leather, and also lent itself well as a material to the dying process allowing the brand to make the trainers in a spectrum of bright colours.


The gazelle was also one of the first trainers to successfully transcend from the world of sport into fashion. An indoor training shoe that was then worn by football fans, the trainer quickly made its way into Brit-pop culture and was worn by members of Oasis and Blur.


Kate Moss was also a huge Gazelle fan. She became the face of the adidas campaign when the designer re-launched the gazelle in 2016. The campaign features an iconic 1993 image of Kate Moss wearing a crimson pair of Gazelle trainers. At the time, Adidas brand consultant and curator Gary Aspden said: “Like the Gazelle, Kate Moss is just as relevant in 2016 as she was back in the 1990s, which is why the image works so well.”


Gazelles remain hugely popular, with new colours and collaborations with designers frequently released. Their iconic design and comfort has led them to truly stand the test of time.


The most recent release is the Adidas Gazelle Vintage trainers with a design based on the 1980s original trainer and is available in two vibrant colours – green and pink. These retail at £89.95 from the Adidas website. We regularly stock Adidas gift cards at a discount, meaning you could make a huge saving on a new pair of these cult classics for a friend, or even better, for yourself.


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