New from Apple: HoneyBee’s review on AirPods Pro

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Give the gift of sound with an Apple voucher which can be used in the Apple Music store or for the real Apple fans, towards a pair of the tech giant’s latest release – the AirPods Pro.


The new wireless headphones from Apple address an issue which was previously flagged by fans about the original AirPods – lack of sound isolation. While original AirPods fit well and provided good sound, they were not suitable to use in many city situations, such as using public transport or walking down busy streets.


Their wireless design made them the ideal headphones for the busy commuter, but were difficult to use in busy locations without cranking up the volume, which can be damaging to your ears. For those that were not willing to damage their hearing for the sake of convenience, this became an issue.


The AirPods Pro effectively address this situation. The new headphones provide passive noise isolation through the new silicone tips on the ear buds which helps to drown out background noise while you use them, reducing the need to turn the volume up to dangerous levels to be able to hear clearly.


They also have an active noise cancellation feature, which is a method for reducing unwanted background sound with the addition of a second sound which is specifically designed to cancel the first one out.


The new AirPods also come with a customisable fit, making them easier to wear for those that like to wear their AirPods all day.


The new AirPods retail at £249.00. If you buy an Apple gift card with us at a discount, you could save yourself or a loved one up to 30% off these new headphones. For a brand that never knowingly offers discounts on its products, that is a deal worth listening out for. Check out our Buy Gift Card page to see what Apple offers we currently have.
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